New Year, New Artist New Hope

New Year, New Artist New Hope

Happy New year! Here at ArtLifting we are truly hopeful that the new year will bring new surprises, adventures, and growth to all of us and all of you. We are excited to be welcoming so many new artists to the ArtLifting family as well as celebrate the new successes and developments of all of our artists.


One of the new artists we have welcomed into the family is Terri Renner of Oceanside CA. I was personally drawn to Terri’s work due to the dynamic nature of her paintings as well as my own personal connection to her artist story. Terri lives with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and since losing the mobility of her right hand  has begun painting with her non-dominant hand. Such a switch has allowed her a freedom of expression she did not formerly know and has allowed her to explore another aspect of her art making. Terri’s story is an inspiring tale of strength and tenacity.


Terri was born and raised in Salinas Valley, California and now currently lives in Oceanside.  She began making watercolor paintings in high school and has engaged in a long practice of regular art making.  Before facing challenges and limitations brought on by Multiple Sclerosis as an adult she enjoyed farming organic food with her husband and volunteering at local hospitals and nursing homes with their therapy dogs. She notes her 30 year marriage as one of her most valued accomplishments and values the opportunity to nurture her relationship with her husband daily.  “I have learned that positive outlook is everything.  My husband has been a great supporter of my growth as an artist and person.  I paint to express my joy of life and the wonderful relationship we can grow and nurture.”


Terri participates in the Rancho San Luis Rey art group and enjoys the camaraderie she experiences there, “I get ideas and inspiration working with the other talented artists who are part of the group.”  Terri describes that while making art “I feel empowered and enjoy the artistic revelation of myself. Terri feels that her participation in ArtLifting “has been a big inspiration.  I appreciate being part of a group of artists on a communal journey to grow and be seen for our unique talents and abilities.”

Coliseum by Terri Renner- Prints starting at $75


I was personally drawn to Terri’s story because my personal namesake and maternal grandmother also had MS. Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable disease of the central nervous system (CNS), and is thought to be an immune-mediated disorder, in which the immune system incorrectly attacks healthy tissue in the CNS. MS is believed to affect over 2.3 million people worldwide in varying degrees of severity. Although I never got to meet my grandmother or know her strength, I find that Terri's beautiful abstract works of art give me hope.


Terri’s work instills hope in me for the new year and for the world. The swirls of color and the patterns are a testament to her strength and perseverance. They reveal an ability to evolve and change with less than ideal circumstances. It teaches that even in the face of adversity or the odds stacked against you, success is possible.

Bristol by Terri Renner- Prints starting at $75


Terri’s use of color and composition in her artwork are unique in their ability to paradoxically reveal both a strict focus and control as well as a freeness and dynamic nature. The viewer can truly see the intention behind each stroke and line in terri’s work while the softness of the borders and the lightness of the contrast remain malleable. Like Terri herself, the work remains both steadfast in confidence and self purpose as well dynamic and evolving in the face of external circumstances and fate.

Thunder phone case- $35


I am so happy to welcome Terri to ArtLifting and urge viewers to spend time with her paintings and products. Please enjoy her dynamic use of color and allow yourself to have an open mind for the coming year and all the possibilities it brings with it.

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