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Explore our curated collection by contemporary artists with disabilities.

Image: Billy Megargel making art in his studio.
Artist Billy Megargel applies blue paint to a series of canvases.
Framed fine art paper print of Cumulation by Denali Brooke

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Cumulation by Denali Brooke
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Original Artwork

We maintain a robust and diverse collection of over 900 one-of-a-kind original artworks created by talented innovative artists.

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Image: Marc with his paintings at PayPal offices.
Artist Marc stands with three of his colorful abstract paintings hanging on a wall at PayPal HQ.
Summer - ArtLifting
Ink Blocks III - ArtLifting
Ink Blocks II - ArtLifting
Ink Blocks I - ArtLifting
Feather Trees Pink - ArtLifting
Painterly Falls Park Cyan - ArtLifting
Painterly Pedernales Falls Park - ArtLifting
Medina River Rocks - ArtLifting

Meet the artists

Every artist has a unique background that informs their art practice and style.

Image: Stacey Williams drawing at a table with a painting behind her.
Artist Stacey Williams seated at a table painting on a canvas. A completed painting of Jill Scott is displayed on an easel next to her.
Canyon Walls - ArtLifting
Radian Surface Detail - ArtLifting
Cracked Earth #28 - ArtLifting
Linear Flow #23 - ArtLifting
Mirror of Peace - ArtLifting
Waiting for a Ride - ArtLifting
The Beast - ArtLifting
Weathervane's Dictate - ArtLifting


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Image: Charles Blackwell making art at a table.
Artist Charles Blackwell leans close to a painting on a table and carefully applies ink with a dropper.

Meet the Artists

Image: Grace Goad painting at a table.
Artist Grace Goad seated at a table painting and smiling


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