• We Champion Artists Impacted By Housing Insecurity and Disabilities

Clients Include

Art With a Story

Mia Brown is an innovative artist living with cerebral palsy. She paints using a paintbrush attached to her helmet. In Mia's words, she is "an artist who happens to have a disability."

Kenneth Williams creates art to envision a better future for Chicago’s neighborhoods. “If I see a vacant lot with boarded up buildings, I visualize it and draw it as a new neighborhood,” he shares.

When Shana Stern was diagnosed with M.S., she transformed her love of music, dance, and storytelling into a lyrical painting style that is marked by kinetic energy, movement, and unusual textures.

ArtLifting is a platform for artists that have traditionally been underrepresented in the contemporary art market. Each artist has a unique perspective, style, and story based on the diversity of their lived experiences, artistic talents, and innovative processes. The powerful combination of their artwork and stories inspire communities and drive social change.

Make Your Values Visible

ArtLifting provides a range of meaningful offerings and opportunities to 

differentiate the design of spaces and inspire communities.

Create Impact

ArtLifting is a Public Benefit Corporation delivering value to buyers and creating opportunities for artists through it’s “business for good” model.  Every artist earns 55% of the profit from the sale of their work and 1% from each sale goes to a fund, which provides art supplies to art groups nationwide.

"People in need don't want a handout, they want the opportunity to change their lives."

Liz Powers, ArtLifting Co-Founder and CEO

Meaningful Partnerships

ArtLifting’s impact is possible through our clients.  Our clients have demonstrated intention in their purchasing and are helping to build a culture of inclusion and innovation through representing ArtLifting artists in their space.

We strive to create spaces that inspire and help cultivate innovation and we hope this artwork will positively influence the daily work of our Cambridge Googlers. Knowing the social mission driving this work is the best part.

John T. Moran,
Real Estate Property Executive,

Bringing ArtLifting in was such an easy decision because you want to have a corporate office that has a homey feel, that inspires your associates. It gives you chills when you see the smiles on the artists faces and hear them say ‘Holy Mackerel, this is a Fortune 500 company and my work is in their main lobby.

John Burke,
Chief Cultural Officer,