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Liz Powers
Co-Founder, Chief Happiness Spreader
As Chief Happiness Spreader, Liz is ArtLifting’s heart and soul. Liz is a serial social entrepreneur who has received multiple grants and awards for her work. In 2010, Liz was awarded the "Unsung Heroine Award" in the Massachusetts State House for founding art collectives and the LIFT Bike Project. Liz has an AB, cum laude, in Sociology from Harvard College and an MSc from the University of Edinburgh.
Liz founded ArtLifting in November of 2013 along with her brother Spencer Powers.  After securing a grant post-graduation from Harvard, Liz spent a year establishing art groups in homeless shelters throughout the Boston area. Liz was immediately struck by the incredible talent that she saw and wanted to share these creations with the world. She realized that art could be a transformational path to financial stability for these artists and countless others nationwide; they just needed a digital marketplace to connect with a larger audience.

Christina Bailey
Chief Growth Officer
Christina Bailey’s main objective is to share ArtLifting artists’ artwork with the world. She is the head of ArtLifting’s corporate sales, licensing agreements, channel partnerships, and overall sales strategies. Christina is a mission and outcome driven professional, and at ArtLifting her mission is to get your artwork sold and placed on the walls and products of companies across the country.
Prior to ArtLifting, Christina spent 10 years driving marketing and sales efforts for Fortune 15 and early-stage healthcare technology companies. She served as the first Executive Director for the Kansas Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure where she led strategic planning and organizational development. She created significant impact through increased fundraising and public policy efforts.
Christina obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing from the University of Kansas. She has been personally inspired by the artwork of her sister who lives with a disability, as well as by the friends and strangers who have come into her life over time. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share the amazing art at ArtLifting with the world and spread some joy in the process!

Elliott Taylor
Creative Director
Elliott is based out of Santa Cruz, CA and manages all current and potential partnerships with artists and social service organizations. Elliott works to maintain and develop ArtLifting's artwork collection to meet the needs of the corporate art market and well as exemplify each artist's creativity and talents.    
Elliott also works as a professional artist, photographer, and art instructor. Elliott holds a B.A. from University of California, Santa Cruz in Art and History of Art and Visual Culture. His art practice aims to bring increased awareness around social justice issues, often through collaborative projects with various communities. Before joining ArtLifting, he worked as an art instructor and studio manager at The Claraty Arts Project in Santa Cruz, an arts program, studio and gallery that supports and advances the development of a new, positive, collective identity for developmentally disabled adults via arts education, training, and creative expression.

Addi Spearman 
Customer Success Manager 

As Customer Success Manager, Addi Spearman works closely with businesses to help them find artwork that meets their needs while maximizing their social impact. In addition, Addi works closely with the business development team to create new leads and increased sales opportunities for artists.  
Addi graduated in 2016 from College of Charleston with a double major in English and Art History. Prior to joining Art Lifting, she worked for as the Social Media and Marketing manager for Andy Paige Style, Inc. Her role at ArtLifting is truly a dream job, combining her love for art with her passion for social impact.



Bree Lalor


As Curator, Bree advises the business development and sales teams on artwork recommendations for customers and prospects, creates custom proposals and mock-ups, and contributes to design and marketing efforts. Bree is passionate about creating positive societal change through art, and is dedicated to mobilizing the voices of ArtLifting artists. 


Bree has an AB, cum laude, in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard College, where she focused on studio art. She loves painting, photography, and design, and is a believer in the power of creative expression to inspire social change. She is excited to use her own art and design background to work to elevate the voices of all ArtLifting artists. Bree joined ArtLifting in June 2017 as a Design and Marketing Associate, and transitioned to the role of Curator in summer 2018. Prior to working with ArtLifting, she worked as a Gift Processing assistant at the Harvard Art Museums and a Design Intern for the US Green Buildings Council Massachusetts Chapter. 



Dominique Marcial
Operations Manager


As Operations Manager Dominique is responsible for artwork and installation fulfillment, customer service, vendor relations, inventory management, artist payments, and office administration.


After graduating with a Master's in Museum Education from Tufts University, Dominique worked in operations and education at a variety of museums and artistic nonprofits in the Boston area. She is looking forward to bringing the best processes, practices, and experiences to serve both artists and clients and is excited to work within a company that empowers talented individuals. She believes creative professionals have the power to make accessible connections and act as catalysts of community change.



Mira Kaplan 

Community Coordinator 


Mira studied Art History and Urban Studies as an undergraduate at UPenn, two passions she has interwoven in her academic and professional pursuits. Her research studying informal communities in Cape Town has informed her perspectives on the importance of harnessing the creative potential of vulnerable and marginalized communities, which she is excited to engage with through the role of Community Coordinator with ArtLifting. Mira supports both the artist program and operations. 


Whether it’s about music, hospitality, visual arts, or infrastructure, she deeply values putting pen to paper and sharing new narratives and perspectives. She also enjoys biking, thrifting, figure drawing, and exploring new cities by foot.




Carolyn Goodwin
Strategic Partnerships Manager


Carolyn supports the CEO and Chief Growth Officer to ensure success across key initiatives and partnerships. She manages relationships and projects associated with large corporate and channel accounts. By ensuring that partnerships are successful, more artwork can be enjoyed by our clients. 


Carolyn received a BA in Art History from Salve Regina University and an MBA from Saint Joseph’s College. She spent the last several years working in large nonprofits in Boston, focusing on grants management and financial analysis. Getting back to her artistic roots, and combining fine arts and business, is a dream opportunity. Helping our artists flourish is a huge motivation every day, and she is happy to be a part of such a mission-driven organization.



Amanda Matte
Corporate Art Specialist


Amanda is a Corporate Art Specialist, forming new partnerships with companies across the country. She works closely with businesses, helping them to find the perfect fit of artwork while maximizing their social impact, as well as helping artists to increase their income with new sales.


Amanda graduated from England’s Newcastle University in 2018 with an MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies, prior to which she earned her BA in Writing and Studio Art from Loyola University in Baltimore, MD. She worked in both the business development and museum & gallery sectors before joining the ArtLifting team, and is thrilled to leverage her role to unite these passions. Amanda finds endless inspiration in the stories of our artists and in the possibility of generating social change and empowerment through art.



Sadie Shillieto                                                                   

Corporate Art Specialist


Sadie is a Corporate Art Specialist, forming new partnerships with companies across the country. She works closely with businesses, helping them to find the perfect fit of artwork while maximizing their social impact, as well as helping artists to increase their income with new sales.

Sadie's career has been driven by the desire to make art accessible. Until joining ArtLifting she was in the museum field, focusing on collections care and management. While working with a museum's corporate lending program it became clear to her that the best way to get people to engage with art was by bringing it right into their office spaces. Sadie is excited to now be working for a community of talented artists who are not adequately represented in the rest of the art world, doubling her impact! 



Verica Jokanovic
Administrative Consultant 

Verica has transitioned from operations manager to a consulting role. Based out of Europe, she continues to support Artlifting remotely focusing on bookkeeping, financial reporting, and other administrative aspects that are critical for efficient operations of the business. Inspired by ArtLifting's mission and concept of doing business for good, she is currently pursuing graduate studies with focus on business management and social innovation.


 Verica is a graduate from University of Massachusetts Lowell with a B.L.A., magna cum laude, in Art History and Spanish language. During her studies at UMass Lowell, she focused on modern and contemporary art which promoted her enthusiasm in working with living artists. Additionally, Verica holds a Bachelor Diploma in Maritime Management from Maritime Faculty of Kotor, Montenegro giving her unique interdisciplinary perspective of both management and the art world.


Spencer Powers
Co-Founder, Board Member
Seeing the great potential that a business like ArtLifting could have for social good and delighting customers, Spencer teamed up with his sister, Liz, to create ArtLifting. Spencer holds a BA from Boston College and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Frank Moss
Board Member
While director of the MIT Media Lab, Frank developed a passion for the power of creativity and technology to improve the lives of people living with disabilities. In ArtLifting, Frank has found a social enterprise that truly embodies this principle. He has had a 35-year career as a high-tech, biotech, and health-tech entrepreneur and enjoys pen-and-ink drawing in his spare time. Frank holds a BSE from Princeton and MS and Ph.D. from MIT.

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