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ArtLifting's Unique Value

Access: ArtLifting has disrupted the traditional art market by offering access to a unique group of artists who have been underrepresented in the contemporary art market.

Originality: Among ArtLifting’s artists are many who have innovative practices giving their artwork a new level of depth and originality. Each artist brings a unique viewpoint to their work, informed by their lived experiences.

Social Impact: Representing artists impacted by homelessness and disabilities shines a light on perspectives that are often unheard, creating an access point for connection and expanding conversations about diversity and inclusion. 

Storytelling: ArtLifting creates a cohesive storytelling experience that highlights artists’ identities and processes.  

Experience: As Outsider artists, ArtLifting Artists have a strong track record having sold to over 250 companies around the world. Artists have shown at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, San Francisco’s DeYoung Museum, Art Basel Miami, and contemporary galleries in major U.S. cities.

Seeking Shangri-La Yvette

About the Collection

Breadth of Mediums: Our collection features a wide breadth of mediums, including oil and acrylic painting, collage, papercut, and alcohol ink.

Variety of Styles: Our collection ranges from modern and conceptual to realism and portraiture.

Range of Sizes: We have over 700 original artworks in our collection, ranging in size from 20” to 130”+.

After watching and listening to the news in the past few months, there is so much despair. Even when things have been looking bleak, there is a glimmer of hope. I know from experience going through my own challenges it was the glimmer of hope that kept me moving forward.
Mia Brown Ronnie, ArtLifting Artist
I am an artist who happens to have a disability,” Mia shares. Cerebral palsy impacts the use of Mia’s hands and legs, but over time, she developed a system to keep pursuing her passion for art by using a brush attached to her helmet.
Mia Brown Mia Brown, ArtLifting Artist
Top left: A Glimmer of Hope Ronnie
Bottom right: White Flowers Mia Brown


Bringing Your Unique Vision to Life

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind artwork created specifically for you? If so, please explore commissioned artwork from ArtLifting!

Commissions can be inspired by and reflective of your values, products, brand, location, history, or concepts and themes being incorporated into your design strategy. Commissioned original artwork can also be licensed for wallcoverings.

Together, we will have a session to understand your vision and interests and then ArtLifting will make recommendations of artists for your consideration who can transform your vision into an accessible experience. We look forward to creating a truly unique artwork or collection of works for you.

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Design Concepts

Public Art

Creating Opportunities & Connecting Communities

Whether you are trying to meet a state, city or municipality public art requirement or are simply passionate about adding meaning to your community, ArtLifting is a unique resource to achieve your goals.

By including ArtLifting Artists in your public art projects, you are demonstrating the importance of making opportunities accessible to artists of all abilities and providing deeper connection to the community. Public Art brings people together, therefore, the artists selected and artworks displayed must represent diversity of people and perspectives.

We will work with you to understand your vision and requirements and advise on an approach. Public Art projects are highly collaborative and are expected to include architects, design professionals, community members, and third-party fabricators to create large-scale installations.

We look forward to making a societal impact with you through art.

Above: David McCauley Creating Artwork
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