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ArtLifting's application process is currently closed. 

Please check back at a later date if you are interested in applying.

Application Criteria

ArtLifting’s mission is to empower artists living with homelessness or disability through the celebration and sale of their art.

We consider the following in reviewing artist applications:

The Art: Will ArtLifting’s online platform be helpful to the artist to sell and market artwork? 

When artists are first applying to ArtLifting, the curation team considers not only the talent and skill present in the body of work submitted but also how it will be received by the ArtLifting audience. Some basic requirements for images submitted for review include:

  1. Artwork is finished in nature, not a sketch, underdrawing, or study
  2. Artwork is saleable on our platform, meaning it will translate to prints, products, licensing, and/or corporate settings
  3. Artwork is not offensive, copyrighted, or against our company values. This would entail depictions of excessive violence that can be disturbing in nature, sexually explicit content, or drug use or references to illegal drug use.
  4. Artwork is original (not copied from another artist), creative, and adequately unique from works already available on our platform.
  5. Artwork has visually interesting and appealing composition, scale, color, line, texture, movement, and/or dimensionality.
  6. Artwork preferably does not have a written title included in the composition (titles can be written on the back), but does have an artist signature.
  7. Artwork can be reproduced at a large scale (not necessary but beneficial)
  8. If selling originals, Artwork is in salable state (undamaged in any way.)

The Artist: Does the applicant meet the criteria to participate?

All artists must be least 18 years of age and have authorization to work in the U.S. In addition artists must meet at least one of the following criteria at the time of joining the platform:

  1. Artist is currently homeless (or recovering from past homelessness)
  2. Artist currently lives with a diagnosed disability (including: Mental Illness, Neurological or Psychiatric Disability, Developmental Disability or Physical Disability)
  3. Artist is a Veteran of the United States Military with Disability Determination
  4. Artist is currently living as a Refugee in the United States 

When an artist is accepted onto the ArtLifting platform, he or she will be asked to provide documentation that he or she meets this criteria. 

It is recommended that artists are also connected with appropriate supports (as needed and relevant) in addition to ArtLifting’s services. ArtLifting is a platform to connect artists with art sales and does not provide social service support including: art therapy, case management, housing support, supported employment or vocational services, medical support or referrals, etc.  

Steps to Apply

  1. Please set aside 30-45 minutes to complete this application in its entirety
    • Its helpful to have access to the images when you apply (there will be a prompt to upload once written portion is completed).
    • If you don’t have access to images, you can email the images to
  2. Review our criteria hereto ensure you meet qualifications to participate.
  3. Complete our online written application.
    • This application is an important part of the application process. It helps the curation team to better understand each artist's story, experience, and unique art process. Please take your time in filling out our application!
    • You may want to think of this application as a chance to “paint a picture of yourself” in words to accompany the artwork you submit.
    • It is highly preferred that all artists submit complete applications through our website, but we are sensitive to issues or circumstances that may arise for applicants.
  1. Submit 10-30 images of your artwork in addition to the written application for review. 
    • Only digital submissions will be reviewed. We can not accept any physical artwork submissions as part of the application process.
    • ArtLifting currently only accepts 2-Dimensional artwork (painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, or digital art). Unfortunately we are not able to accept submissions including three dimensional, sculptural or craft work at this time.

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