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Looking to make a big statement in your space?

ArtLifting offers printed wallcoverings as well as hand painted murals. Large-scale murals are an efficient and powerful way to create “wow” moments in spaces. They can be bold and attention-getting or invoke curiosity through perceived texture and depth.

Hand Painted Murals

ArtLifting’s community of artists living with disabilities and impacted by homelessness face unique challenges to create artwork on-site and at large scale. 

However, their artwork represents diversity in communities and important perspectives of often unseen talents and unheard voices, therefore, deserves to be seen and experienced by communities across the country. We believe in inclusion of artists in these opportunities, regardless of physical ability or situational limitations. 

Therefore, ArtLifting has partnered with Mural Painters to provide hand-painted murals for interior and exterior spaces. ArtLifting Murals create a meaningful financial impact for the artist, a sense of pride and wonder to see their work at scale, and a social impact for communities.

Interior and Exterior Wallcoverings

ArtLifting provides wallcoverings for interior and exterior spaces. All ArtLifting wallcoverings are environmentally friendly, durable, and come with a 5 year warranty. When the artwork is selected, ArtLifting will provide samples of the wallcovering for your approval. Once approved, ArtLifting will print the wallcovering and coordinate installation.

Not all ArtLifting artworks are available as wallcoverings. Our curation team will work with you to find an artwork that is the best fit for your space, and determine any necessary adaptations required for the artwork to scale to the size of your wall.

Client and Artist Spotlight

ArtLifting partnered with Rapid7 in Boston to transform the papercut artwork of artist Allen Chamberland into a large scale wallcovering in their space.

Partnership with Area Environments

ArtLifting also offers wallcoverings through a partnership with Area Environments.

Please view this exclusive collection here.

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