• Curation Services

Custom, creative, and efficient solutions for your space

ArtLifting offers curation services that are thoughtful and comprehensive. Our curator will develop a cohesive artwork package based on your design concepts, color palette, wall sizes, values, and budget. Our team will work with you to develop a unique artwork collection that fully aligns with your vision.

What is the Process?

1. Client provides budget, design details, floor plan, and artwork preferences
2. ArtLifting provides custom proposal with artwork, sizing, placement and pricing
3. Selections are finalized and artwork arrives ready to hang
It makes my job a lot easier when I have a team like ArtLifting. ArtLifting is aware of my timeline, and knows what has to be delivered to the clients on what dates. It definitely compliments Interior Design, and just makes my job easier.
Renita Falana, Interior Designer
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