• Rental Rotation Program

Keep Your Space Fresh, Relevant, and Engaging

ArtLifting’s Rental Rotation Program is the ideal solution to keep your space fresh, relevant, and engaging over time.  ArtLifting’s Rotation Program provides your employees or guests an opportunity to experience a larger variety of artwork while also making an impact on more ArtLifting artists.

With the introduction of new artwork, viewers are surprised and delighted which can spark creativity and new conversation.  ArtLifting clients have particularly valued the opportunity to represent different company values, concepts, and communities through the creative curation of these collections.

How Does This Work?

On a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis, curated collections of print reproductions and associated artist labels will rotate through your space.  This turn-key offering includes curation, delivery, installation, deinstallation.

Examples of Curated Collections

Celebrating Black Artists | This collection Black artists from around the country who create artwork that reflects their experiences and inspiration.

Finding a Voice Through Art | This collection features artists who are non-verbal and create art to communicate with others.

Digital Innovation | This collection features artists who have developed unique and innovative digital artwork processes.

Material Offerings

Framed Fine Art Paper

Our Framed Fine Art Paper Prints come with a 3” white mat and 7/8” frame moulding. Framed prints have a pane of 1/8” plexiglass over the surface.

Artwork: Nothing is Impossible by Jordyn Hendricks

Framed Stretched Canvas

Our Stretched Canvas Prints are printed on a matte polyester blend canvas, stretched on poplar beams that are 1 1/2” deep x 1 1/8” wide. Float frames add depth and demarcation.

Artwork: DNA by Linda King


Acrylic prints are a sleek alternative to the more traditional paper or canvas. The image colors and clarity are boosted through the thick layer of glossy acrylic on top.

Artwork: Aspen 2019 by Ronnie

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Featured Clients

With ArtLifting’s rotation program, Googlers are exposed to a variety of artists over the year, which helps inspire new creativity and inclusivity.

Heith Rogers,
Facilities Manager,
Google LA,

I get to personally pick each piece with ArtLifting’s guidance, which has really developed my appreciation for art. The art is then delivered and installed by ArtLifting, making it a really really smooth and seamless process. There is no work required on my end, other than growing my appreciation for art.

Logan Bjorkman,
Property Manager,

Clients Include