The Art of Inclusion

Connect with our team to learn how art strategies can build a culture of belonging for your community.

Image: Yvette with her artwork at a Wells Fargo office, which hangs near artwork by Andy Warhol.
Photo by Michael Dambrosia.
Artist Yvette stands smiling an office space for Wells Fargo, with her artwork behind her.

Transform your space into a force for positive change

We curate the top talent from the disability arts community and connect them to socially conscious businesses. Innovate how your business designs with scalable art strategies infused with social impact.

Rotation Programs

Energize environments, celebrate community, and keep spaces fresh


Invest in original artwork created by emerging contemporary artists

Mix and match

Maximize visual and social impact with customizable art solutions

make your values visible

Art with a story

Every artwork includes a plaque detailing the artist's story and artwork insights. A custom plaque educates your community about your values and partnership with artists impacted by disabilities and housing insecurity.

Image: ArtLifting plaques displayed next to a print of Blue Lagoon by Yvette.
ArtLifting plaques displayed next to a print of Blue Lagoon by Yvette. One smaller plaque details the artist's story and a second plaque reads "Art and Impact" with a description below with the ArtLifting and company logo.

Experts in ART & IMPACT

Curated with purpose

We design art programs and collections aligned with our clients' brand, goals, and values. Together, we scale and measure the social impact on artists and communities.

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Image: Artist Justin Ellis creating art in an art studio.
Artist Justin Ellis applies paint to paper with his fingers in an art studio.

The Artlifting experience

1. Discover

Partner with an Art Advisor to create your art strategy from a range of efficient art solutions and programs.

No art experience needed!

Image: A collection of prints by Eric Santamaria for Fusion Design Consultants.
Three prints by Eric Santamaria hang on a grey wall in a conference room.

The ArtLifting Experience

2. Curate

Receive expert curation and a complimentary custom proposal for your unique art strategy.

We make it easy and fun for your team!

Vasta by Elizabeth Shanahan for a design services client.
Vasta by Elizabeth Shanahan hangs on a decorative wall in a posh seating area with a chandelier above it.

The ArtLifting Experience

3. Activate

We'll arrange all the details and advise on how to maximize the impact of your art investment in your community.

Consider your project managed.

Image: A Googler admires an artwork by Allen Chamberland.
A young man smiles while viewing an artwork by Scott Benner on display at Google.

The ArtLifting Experience

Let's get started!

Connect with an Art Advisor to learn how we can uplift your spaces and communities.

Image: Charlie French painting in his studio.
Artist Charlie French is painting a large canvas and smiling at the camera.

Our Work

Corporate art that educates and empowers

Uplift your walls with art programs that contribute to placemaking and provide connectivity.

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Image: Scott Benner shows an art lover his work at Google's Cambridge office.
Artist Scott Benner points to his artwork and shows an art lover the detail in his work.

Elevate and energize spaces with turnkey rental rotation programs designed around your values, brand, and communities. Rotations are custom curated to your needs to celebrate cultural moments, ERGs, community connections and intersectionality.

We maintain a robust collection of over 800 original artworks created by talented artists with disabilities. One-of-a-kind artworks are created with professional materials and innovative creative processes. Our collection includes artwork in a range of sizes and mediums, including oil and acrylic paintings, collage, papercut, alcohol ink, recycled materials, digital tools, and so much more!

Large-scale art applications deliver affordable visual impact with efficiency and durability. Differentiate design and contribute to placemaking with awe-inspiring accent walls and immersive art applications for indoor or outdoors.

Add color, depth, and social impact to windows, glass, acrylic, and partitions. Available in a range of opacities and treatments, our vibrant glass film provide privacy without sacrificing design a splash of art to modern environments.

Durable and unique chain installations add drama, depth, and texture to any environment. Safely disguise areas without inhibiting movement while making an unforgettable visual impact.

Recreate geometric artworks in sustainable acoustic felt for function and ambiance. Contribute to building certifications and multisensory design by reducing noise with visual and social impact.

For a bespoke approach, commission an artist to create an original artwork just for your business. Collaborate directly with the artist and our team throughout the creative process.

Engage your team, clients, and community with artful and impactful gifts featuring inspiring artwork and stories. Our custom branded notebooks can feature your logo and messaging or license art to create any product you can imagine.

License artwork to activate screens and digital displays with rotating galleries featuring artwork and artist stories.

Utilize artwork in your campaign, branding, products or packaging design to make every customer interaction reflect your company values and community.

Bain Capital HQ
financial services global partnerships workplace

Bain Capital HQ

Bitsight Boston Offices
tech workplace

Bitsight Boston Offices

Google Cambridge
tech workplace

Google Cambridge

Waterford Bluffs
multifamily real estate

Waterford Bluffs

Waterford Bay
multifamily real estate

Waterford Bay

Bain Capital NYC Offices
financial services global partnerships workplace

Bain Capital NYC Offices

PayPal HQ
tech workplace

PayPal HQ

Rapid7 HQ
global partnerships tech workplace

Rapid7 HQ

Sereno Group Los Altos Offices
real estate workplace

Sereno Group Los Altos Offices

Why partner with ArtLifting?

ArtLifting clients partner with us to make their values visible, diversify their collections, activate ESG and DEI strategies, and build impactful inclusive spaces that reflect their communities. We connect clients with artists who are often excluded from the corporate art market. These artists earn income and build confidence, increasing their independence and self-worth.

Easy & Scalable

Ethical & Professional

Authentic storytelling

Quality artwork

Local Artists

Positive Business Outcomes


Planet-forward printing and processes

Our products are printed and assembled in the USA with GREENGUARD water-soluble inks. Many products are recyclable and made with FSC, LEED certified, and PVC-free materials.

Our shippers are committed to carbon-neutrality and eco-friendly packaging.

Artwork: Biospheres by Anne Dove
A framed print of Biospheres by Anne Dove.
Custom ArtLifting notebooks by various artists.

Engagement & Activation

Amplify your impact

Cultivate connections with your team and audience with custom notebooks and artful swag that capture your brand.

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Image: Artwork by Allen Chamberland as wallcoverings for Waterford Bluffs.
Artwork by Allen Chamberland as wallcoverings in a long hallway.

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Artwork: Commiserati by Mary Payton
Commiserati by Mary Payton

Meet the Artists

Image: Alene Sirott-Cope drawing in her home studio.
Artist Alene Sirott-Cope sits at a table drawing with a marker.


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