Grace Goad's Art Finds Joy in the Abstract April 28, 2016 18:33

You learned about Grace Goad, an artist living with autism, and her mother, Leisa Hammett, in the first part of our artist spotlight. Now, learn more about Grace's art and what it brings to her life.


Abstract Art, Autism, and Beauty: An April Spotlight on Grace Goad and Leisa Hammett April 22, 2016 21:52

Grace Goad began experimenting with color and composition when she was four years old. By age six, she was exhibiting her art and sold her first piece just two years later. Her stunning artwork—a plethora of tints, tones, and hues that display a natural affinity for color combination and arrangement—is promoted by her staunchest advocate: Leisa Hammett, Grace’s mother.