15 Gifts For Dad That Are Totally Better Than A Mug June 3, 2016 12:54

Artists who live with homelessness or disabilities receive 55% of profits. Find more socially conscious gifts for dad here.

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Everyone's dad is different. Some love sports. Some love music. Some love cars. This Father’s Day, we’re presenting a curated collection of products that cover the spectrum, from baseball to rock & roll. Don’t settle for a mug this year—surprise dad with a gift he’ll be proud to show off.

1.) For the Sports Fan

Bears Stadium by Krishaun Williams

Jeff Powers knows what dads like—he is one. His captivating portraits render sports icons and music legends in a whole new light.

Big Three by Jeff Powers

David Ortiz
Big Papi by Jeff Powers

BONUS: If your dad’s a Red Sox fan, the opportunity to wish him a “Happy Father’s Day” via 
Big Papi is kind of hard to pass up.


2.) For the Rock & Roll Lover

Bob Dylan by Jeff Powers

Elvis by Jeff Powers


3.) For the Jazz Connoisseur

Louie Armstrong by Jeff Powers

Hard Strumming for the Present
by Charles Blackwell

Yellow Trumpet by Charles Blackwell


4.) For the Motorhead

Summer Ride by Allen Chamberland

Sleek lines. Smooth edges. Stunning design.

Yes, we’re speaking to the motorheads in the audience, but we’re also talking about Allen Chamberland’s intricate papercuts. They’re cut from single sheets of black paper, creating a depth and contrast that stop pedestrians in their tracks.

Harley Engine by Allen Chamberland

: If your dad really isn’t into art, tell him Allen ‘paints’ with an X-Acto knife. He’ll come to.


5.) For the Boat Enthusiast

Rigging by Allen Chamberland

Bon Voyage by Jeff Powers

The Old Pier by Allen Chamberland

6.) For the Dad Who Needs a New Phone Case

#7 by Douglas Pendleton

Untitled 5 by Scott Benner

Did your dad break the screen on his last phone? If the answer’s yes, he has to accept the logic here.

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