ThinOPTICS x ArtLifting

ThinOPTICS x ArtLifting

ArtLifting is thrilled to announce a partnership with ThinOPTICS, the pioneering eyewear company that revolutionized reading glasses with its stemless lenses, to launch a Curated Collection of ten new cases designed by artists living with homelessness or disabilities. The partnership launched December 12th, 2016, and ArtLifting will receive 20% of the net profit from each case sold to benefit the artists directly.

“We’re thrilled to work with ThinOPTICS to expand our impact. Our artists’ beautiful artwork that will adorn ThinOPTICS’ innovative glass cases. The fact that these artsy cases are primarily placed on mobile phones means our artists’ work will be shared with thousands of people,” said Liz Powers, co-founder of ArtLifting. “We are excited to collaborate in sharing their stories and the wonderful work that we’re all doing together. The purchase of the curated ThinOPTICS cases and glasses directly benefits our artists by providing them with income, empowerment and hope.”

Each artist brings a different and inspirational background story, expression and aesthetic to the cases on which their designs are now showcased. Tim Strouss was left partially paralyzed on his left side after surgery complications and took up painting as a cathartic way to challenge himself; Alicia Sterling Beach aims to spread joy and keep herself active by creating art despite degenerative chronic osteoporosis and PTSD she developed in early childhood, which led to stints of homelessness throughout her life. In the face of adversity, each artist found solace and a form of sustainable income in showcasing their works via ArtLifting, and their designs now appear on ThinOPTICS  sleek glasses cases – with Strouss’ also appearing on a matching pair of ThinOPTICS readers. In addition to Strouss and Beach, Randy NicholsonAneliya KostovaDavid McCauleyJeff RoysdonAndrew WeatherlyKrishaun Williams and Mia Brown round out the list of artists whose designs are featured on ThinOPTICS Universal Pods, and each of their incredible stories can be found at

“A Balanced Patriotism” by Tim Strouss

ThinOPTICS cases can be proudly displayed on the back of mobile phones and tablets or tucked conveniently inside wallets, purses and pockets because of their ingenious glasses design that makes them as thin as two credit cards and lighter than a nickel. The result of two years of innovation and over 200 prototypes, ThinOPTICS glasses have no stems, yet they rest securely and comfortably on the bridge of the nose using flex-grip technology. The lineup of classic colors that ThinOPTICS users have loved since the brand hit the market in 2014 are now further enhanced by the artwork of each incredible artist.

“When we set out to make ThinOPTICS, we only had a slight idea of the impact our product would have on its day-to-day users,” said Darren Lancaster, VP of Marketing and Co-Founder of ThinOPTICS. “And now, this incredible new partnership with ArtLifting allows our customers to have a profound effect on the lives of these artists who are facing struggles that most cannot imagine. That’s a great feeling – to be a part of something that truly incorporates the big picture, especially around the holidays when providing extra support to those who may not be as fortunate can make all the difference.”

The ultra-thin Universal Pod cases and matching glasses featuring “A Balanced Patriotism” by Tim Strouss and “Bipolar Inspiration” by Randy Nicholson retail for $29.95, and the subsequent eight designed cases that come with classic color ThinOPTICS lenses retail for $24.95. These designs and all ThinOPTICS glasses can be purchased at with the exclusive and limited collection launching just in time for the Holidays.

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