One Artist's Unique Vision November 6, 2015 10:24

About Lori-Anne

Lori-Anne Fay is a visually impaired photographer. No you did not read that wrong. When Lori-Anne was told that she would lose her vision due to her degenerative eye condition, fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy, her only response was “I will be a photographer.” Seeing the world is a beautiful thing, but to an artist, seeing the world is everything. What does it mean to have that vision blurred, distorted and wiped away? What would you see and what story would you want to tell?

Lori-Anne’s work and the way she sees the world has drastically changed. Her double cornea transplants left her with chronic eye issues, but Lori-Anne counters that her camera is still her weapon against it all. "I see the world from a different perspective due to my double corneal transplants; while I still have eye issues and will never have the sight I once had, my camera and I work in harmony." Lori-Anne's work offers a unique view of the world and her story is one of strength and grace.

Lori-Anne’s photography is a beautiful snapshot of the world, her vision problems inspiring a fresh outlook and a body of work that both disorients and dazzles viewers. Many of Lori-Anne's photographs border on macrophotography. While her use of zoom offers viewers a protected and seemingly cherished view of the world, the startling color and strange angles push many of her pieces to the point of disorientation. All of Lori-Anne's work is pleasantly unexpected, giving viewers pause and making them question their own vision of the world. Perhaps this is intentional as Lori-Anne forces viewers to start to question and become hyper conscious of their own sight and vision of the world. Lori-Anne makes us all aware of the blessing of sight while making us question the power of that loss.

A note on endothelial corneal dystrophy:

It is very important to Lori-Anne that people understand just what fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy is and the significant effects it has on the lives of those who experience it. This degenerative genetic condition slowly damages the eye’s corneas resulting in loss of vision and corneal blisters which can burst and cause severe eye pain. To learn more about this condition, please read more here.

More about Lori-Anne:

Lori-Anne lives in the Boston area and sells her prints through ArtLifting. Lori-Anne is currently suffering from a worsening of her eye condition and is on the verge of homelessness. Lori-Anne confides “I get excited and happy when I focus only on the work.” Her life as an artist brings her peace and allows her to share her unique vision with the world. Please support Lori-Anne and purchase some of her artwork today!

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