Humanism: ArtLifting and The Hub October 19, 2015 14:48

Yesterday, Sunday July 19th, ArtLifting artists displayed their work at The Humanist Hub in Harvard Square The Hub is a place where the Humanist community gathers. Formerly serving the Harvard community, The Hub has evolved to serve the larger community of Humanists.

So first... what is humanism?

The Humanist Hub’s mission as stated on their website is to "act as a place where you can connect with other people, act to make the world better, and evolve as a human being.”  Humanism is often understood as a secular school of thought, and as a philosophical approach. Historically, Humanism was a major part of movements in Art dating back to the Renaissance as people began to focus more on the individual over the Church.

Today the Humanist Hub provides a space where individuals can focus on themselves and others as a community, which is aligns well with the mission and attitude of ArtLifting. 

Justine, our Community Captain selected around 20 pieces from our collection that were displayed at The Hub in Cambridge this past Sunday. We were lucky to have artist Kitty Zen in attendance- her paintings Mad Swirl, Cat's Eye Nebula, Flow, and Neon Kitten were featured.

Also featured:

Kimberly Williams Natural Escape

Naomi Brown Other Wordly

Dew Jarenvai Untitled 1

Danita Clark Boston Scene

Naomi Brown Capricious

Kimberly Williams Untitled 7

Jim Waters Puzzled

Kimberly Williams Untitled 1

Dhyana H.J.F. Cardiac Series #2

Dew Jarenvai Untitled 2

Jim Waters Hedgehog

Jim Waters Pieced Together

Naomi Brown Swirling

Bill Flowers Study of Waterlilies 2

Jim Waters Strung Out

Bill Flowers Study of Bling Bling

Robyn Kennedy Karen

Romani Berlekov At Summer's End