Fortress Around Your Heart

"Painted to and inspired by the song “Fortress Around Your Heart” by Sting. When I listen to this song, because I have chromesthesia which makes me “see” colors and shapes when I listen to music, this song makes me see incredible contrasts in both textures and in color. The unusual sounds in the orchestral leading into the song made me feel like I was quickly flying a few feet above a vast landscape which was made of enormous, smooth rocks all covered in white-ish ash. Bits of “life”, shown in browns, creams, and golds, still linger on the ground.

As the song unfolds, black molten lava slowly begins to creep up from different sides, moving constantly, it’s glassy texture overwhelming the ashy ground. As the chorus kicks in, the black paint seems to twist and turn, reaching tendrils out to overtake everything on the canvas, including a golden heart.

Created using only my fingers and knuckles."

- Shana Stern

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