Black Magic Woman

"Painted to & inspired by the Santana song, “Black Magic Woman.” I have chromesthesia - which causes my brain to “see” colors moving as I listen to music. I listen to nothing but the song from the moment I begin the piece until it’s finished. In doing this, I become one with the music. Since I began dancing at age 3, the moving colors I see take the form of dancing. Listening to this iconic song over and over, I saw a sensual Argentine tango being performed. The dancers are wearing black, chrome & smoke colored satin costumes. They dance on a round stage, with holographic glitter scattered about the floor - which pops up & flutters about as they glide and turn and stomp on the floor - causing beautiful black, gold and silver ligjt to bounce around their feet for the duration of the dance. The shapes that their bodies & feet make as they dance, as well as the billowing movement of the dancer’s skirts and the movements her long, flowing hair makes - are what I interpreted onto the canvas. The thick & unusual textures, which you can run your hands over - help to show the visceral beauty the song inspires in me. Before becoming disabled from Multiple Sclerosis, and no longer able to dance, the Argentine Tango was one of my favorite dances to do. So this piece holds a special place in my heart because as I painted it, it felt as if I was actually doing the movements. I can no longer dance with my feet but I am incredibly grateful to be able to use my fingers to dance through paint! Painted using only my fingers. No brushes or instruments used."

- Shana Stern

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