Mystic Kaaba

"This painting evolved from earlier paintings I did of sacred geometry Flower of Life paintings. I use the same polka-dot grid and connect the dots with straight lines instead of curves. This became part of a series of works that can alter your thought patterns and create new neural pathways(see below).

As a mystic, spiritual & sometimes religious person; in 2018 I really connected with the Kaaba as an energy vortex. I worked extensively with a medicine man, Shoshone elder Bennie Lebeau, Bavado who showed me many energy & spiritual mysteries of the medicine wheel. Its an actual energy vortex that people activate with the circle dances that get the energy spinning in 2 directions. The counter-sunwise movement opens the energy. I became engrossed, brooding about the Kaaba where people walk, praying, counter sun-wise 24/7 for centuries. That's one little piece of representation hidden in this work."

Eve Hennessa

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