Sunrise and Sherbert


"As ADHD doesn't always give way for planning, I often just keep my camera with me so if I see something that sparks inspiration I can capture it then and there. While traveling to meet my dad for our weekly breakfast date one chilly, winter morning, the sky came alight with blazes of pinks and orange. Having a few spare minutes, I pulled off on an old service road and quickly prepped my gear, knowing that every second counted. The morning atmosphere would change quickly, and I only had 5-10 minutes before it would be gone. Once I felt I'd gotten the images I'd wanted, I trekked back to my car and pulled on my car door handle. It didn't budge. It was locked. I frantically searched my pockets, trying to not assume the worst. In my excitement to photograph I couldn't possibly have left my keys in my car. Peering through the windows, I finally saw them sitting in my passenger's seat, half hidden by my camera bag, taunting me. My feeling of accomplishment quickly faded to frustration. In my hyperfocus to shoot, I lost sight of my surroundings and now was dealing with the consequences. But living with ADHD means that often times you have to prepare for the ways in which you'll fail yourself. In this instance, that meant I had to assume that at some point I would loose my keys and pay for roadside assistance when that time came. ADHD is full of small, costly moments, that whittle away at your ability to exist without a constant need to prepare the inevitable mistake."

- Kae

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Artwork: Prayers Riding the Thermals by Cheryl Kinderknecht, Temple by Jeff Diener