Golden Gate Bridge II

"I wanted to visit the Walk Disney Family Museum in the Presidio in San Francisco and the museum was closed. So I stared at the Golden Gate Bridge, went home, and painted it."

- Ingrid Lai

High quality print reproduction for your home or office designed by artists living with homelessness or disabilities.

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Ingrid Lai (she/her/hers)

Palo Alto, CA

“My work captures the beauty of nature. Light and color spark the compositions, and turn them into special occasions. The mundane becomes special, my work is a testament to the beauty of life."

Ingrid loves to utilize color to cheer people up and make the world a better place. She notes that art has been a tool she has used since a young age to cope with chronic illness and hospitalizations. Traditionally rendering her subject in oils, her bright and happy personality comes across in her paintings, which frequently feature vivid colors. She writes, “I grew up with a lot of pain and suffering because of Lupus, and art helps me look positively at the future as well as look forward to it! I like when colors can cheer people up. I like when my paintings give a sense of hope.”

Ingrid lives with Lupus, a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when her body's immune system attacks her own tissues and organs. Inflammation caused by lupus affects many different parts of her body, including her joints, skin, kidney, heart, lungs, and nervous system. As a result of her experiences, Ingrid is committed to educating others around this condition as well as “hidden disabilities,” which may not be physically apparent. Despite her medical issues, Ingrid remains joyful and eager to help others. She is currently volunteering in local nonprofit organizations.

Through her participation with ArtLifting, Ingrid would like to spread the positive energy in her paintings to a much broader audience. She will donate most of the proceeds to a wonderful nonprofit called Abilities United. This organization advances advocacy, inclusion, and independence for children and adults with disabilities.


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Ingrid Lai
Golden Gate Bridge II
Ingrid Lai

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Golden Gate Bridge II
Ingrid Lai



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