Olivia D'Addario


Art is Olivia’s voice. In this wild, crazy, hectic world, Olivia can very easily be lost because it’s so overwhelming. In her one on one world with the canvas, she is most free and happy.” 

Contemporary artist, Olivia D’Addario, uses her creativity to express and communicate her inner life to the outside world. Olivia is living on the Autism Spectrum which has contributed to her being semi-verbal and, because of this, Olivia has developed alternative means of communication. Besides creating artwork, Olivia enjoys horseback riding, yoga, singing, and baking. Each of those activities allows Olivia to connect with and express a different side of herself. 

Olivia was introduced to creating artwork at a very young age and has dedicated much of her life to that practice. At first, creating artwork was a way for her to connect with her peers and feel connected to her community. The connection to creativity has evolved into something much more impactful and meaningful for Olivia. Her artwork is very connected to how she is feeling at the time a new painting is started, using colors to represent how she is feeling. Often she chooses a calming blue or green to begin as painting is also a tool she uses to calm and organize herself at times. This is evident in the tools and compositions she creates. Using not traditional tools at times, like bubble wrap, Olivia creates focused, minimalist compositions that are driven by rhythm and repetition. 

Olivia is excited to be a part of the ArtLifting community because of its connection and support of artists living with neuro-diversity. This cause is of particular importance to Olivia and her family as they have started an organization inspired by and named for Olivia, Liv It Up, which supports adults living with neuro-diversity. The proceeds Olivia earns from the sale of her artwork will support Liv It Up to increase its impact. Olivia greatly appreciates the recognition and support that her artwork receives and hopes her art can inspire all the creatures of the world.

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Prints by Olivia D'Addario

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