Michal Baksh (she/her/hers)



"I've seen so many brilliantly beautiful things in life and can't help but try to mimic it on canvas in hopes of giving the viewer…a feeling of wonder."

Michal Baksh is a non-traditional artist who earned a degree in Painting at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. After experiencing homelessness herself, Michal now teaches a watercolor class at the Women’s Lunch Place in Boston, a sanctuary for women experiencing homelessness and poverty. While painting, Michal focuses on a sense of space through the use of color. This technique helps her relay movement in her pieces.


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Prints by Michal Baksh (she/her/hers)

Boston Public Library
Michal Baksh
Caribbean Market
Michal Baksh
Horse on a Porch
Michal Baksh

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