Jeffrey Powers

Jeffrey Powers


“I see all art when it is born as homeless. Each piece of art needs a home or a place to display itself.”

Coming from a deeply creative family, art is in Jeff’s blood. Growing up with a father who was a contractor and furniture maker, and mother who was a poet, teacher and writer, he has felt passionate about his creativity since a young age. Jeff says, “Art provides me with a solid foundation of who I am.”

Art is therapeutic and gives him purpose. He makes sure to draw everyday to keep himself busy. He says, “The one thing I love about my art is that it’s a choice. I had an addiction at one point, and I had a choice to throw away my addiction or my life. I chose to throw away the addiction.” Speaking further on his journey, he exclaims, “I have overcome addiction. I have become a father. I have obtained housing and employment. Being successful isn’t something that’s easy. I’ve had to be persistent and determined and creative. I do not take any circumstance for granted.”

As for his artistic process, Jeff’s intense focus on the subject matter is evident in the work he produces. He attempts to understand and assimilate with the subject, even become one with it, making it a spiritual experience. Jeff sometimes uses pointillism, a style of art that uses dots to make a larger image. He expresses that this teaches him patience because of its tedious process. Other works of his are created through a rhythmic use of vertical lines. 

Jeff feels passionate about the mission of ArtLifting. He expresses, “ArtLifting is proof that art does not go to waste. Normally, my art would be sitting in a place collecting dust. I have a chance to gain exposure and appear on walls thanks to ArtLifting.”

Jeff dreams of seeing his art on the walls of a museum. When asked why he sells his artwork, Jeff says, “The more walls my pieces are on, the more empowered I become as an artist.”

Apple - ArtLifting
Carrot - ArtLifting
Lettuce - ArtLifting
Radish - ArtLifting
Tomato - ArtLifting
Pure - ArtLifting
Succulent - ArtLifting
Succulent - ArtLifting
Bon Voyage - ArtLifting
Strawberry - ArtLifting
Rose - ArtLifting
Rose 2 - ArtLifting
Seagull - ArtLifting
The Path - ArtLifting
The Ravine - ArtLifting
Credit - ArtLifting
Illusion - ArtLifting
Tuning Fork - ArtLifting
Helping Hands - ArtLifting
Michael Jordan - ArtLifting
Landscape - ArtLifting
Martha's Vineyard - ArtLifting
Urban Landscape - ArtLifting
Georges Island - ArtLifting
Georges Island - ArtLifting
Silhouette 1 - ArtLifting
Beacon - ArtLifting
Pyramid - ArtLifting
Silhouette 1 - ArtLifting
Rockstar - ArtLifting
Bubbles - ArtLifting
Bubbles - ArtLifting
Simple - ArtLifting
Simple - ArtLifting