Alene Sirott-Cope

Hobe Sound, Florida

“The vivid, colorful and bright hues of my medium inspire me and others to appreciate the value of the natural spectrum of color and how it can affect one’s mood and outlook. It has become a whole and creative healing process for me.”

Alene Sirott-Cope has had Type 1 Diabetes since college and has dealt with significant health implications, including open-heart surgery and limited walking capabilities. 

Alene’s creative style combines her graphic design experience with technology and a dash of mixed media. She is an experimenter who seeks new techniques, always willing to venture into the unknown.  The alcohol ink technique she employs allows her to relax while producing immense beauty in a short amount of time. 

Alene has been a professional graphic designer, potter, art director, art educator, and fine artist. Her work has been featured in The Boston Globe, The Crafts Report, Art Calendar, The Nashua Telegraph, The Lowell Sun, Funeria Art, Polymer Cafe Magazine, 1000 Dog Portraits, The NH Chronicle, a book titled “Pigments of Your Imagination," and HGTV’s “That’s Clever.”

She writes, “Art is a great healing process for me, and I need to have some kind of creative process in order to keep me physically and mentally active. With the aid of ArtLifting, I know that the validation of any kind of compensation makes this endeavor even more rewarding.”

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Prints by Alene Sirott-Cope

Originals by Alene Sirott-Cope

Sea Slices
Alene Sirott-Cope


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