Sarah Vaughn-Rohrbough

Sarah Vaughn-Rohrbough

Nashville, TN

“To be successful at anything, you need to know where your strengths are and where your weaknesses are. For people on the autism spectrum, the gap between the two can be very wide. I believe that Artlifting may be just what I need to bridge that gap!”

A self-taught artist, Sarah (she/her/hers) specializes in Tromp l’oeil drawings (meaning “to trick the eye”). Her detailed drawings can take upwards of two-hundred hours to complete. At times, she goes so deep into the process of seeing details that she no longer sees the image for what it is, but rather only patterns of light and dark. “I tend to bring out shapes and shadows that speak to me. When I step back to take in the image as a whole, I’m often surprised to see the depth of expression in the drawing that was lacking in the reference photo”.

Having a background in music composition, Sarah first embraced the visual arts as her primary means of expression in 2010 at the age of forty-five. Employed in a highly stressful job at the time, she found that drawing during her lunch breaks helped to reduce anxiety and provided an escape from the overwhelming sensory environment. Since then, she has found art to be not only cathartic but also a means of expression. “The sense of wonder that I feel when I see something beautiful is such a profoundly deep and meaningful experience to me. Creating art helps me to transform that feeling into something real and tangible that I can share with others.”

Knowing that people value her art has given Sarah a much-needed sense of connection and validation. “Life has taught me that if we waste our energy trying to be like everyone else or to be something we’re not, we can lose out on what makes us unique and special,” Sarah elaborates. “Take time to understand who you are and why you were put on this earth. Sometimes what might seem like a weakness or disability actually, turns out to be our greatest strength.”

For many artists, selling the artwork one has created can be challenging.  Marketing artwork can often depend on one’s ability to make social connections. As a person on the autism spectrum (PDD-NOS), Sarah struggles with this aspect of her career. In addition to social challenges, merely attending functions such as art shows and auctions can be extremely overwhelming and physically draining for her because of her sensory sensitivity. These challenges make it nearly impossible for her to market her own art effectively. It is Sarah’s hope that having her artwork represented by ArtLifting will help her to successfully overcome those challenges and begin to reach her highest potential. 

A Brief Moment in the Forgotten Life of Evinn Jackson - ArtLifting
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He Shall Not Crush A Bruised Reed - ArtLifting
He Shall Not Crush A Bruised Reed - ArtLifting
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Rising to the Light - ArtLifting
Rising to the Light - ArtLifting
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Tomboy - ArtLifting
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