12 Days of Giving: Day 6 Laurie Kammer

12 Days of Giving: Day 6 Laurie Kammer

Happy 12 Days of Giving from our family to yours. The ArtLifting team is very excited for the 6th day of giving! Our featured artist today is Laurie Kammer! For every purchase of Laurie Kammer’s artwork and products today, we will donate an art-related toy to a child in need through Toys for Tots!

So, a little about the incredibly talented Laurie. After falling from a tree in 2011 and suffering from a T-10 spinal cord injury, Laurie decided not to let her injury get in the way of her art. She now works with the RiseUp Gallery, an adaptive art studio in Miami that provides art workshops for newly injured patients living with a variety of ailments. Most spinal cord injuries are avoidable incidents like car accidents, falls and violence. Although Laurie can no longer walk, her accident has not taken away her spirit or passion for creating art. 

Laurie's work is bright and inviting. Her work is a true crowd pleaser with incredible patterns and tessellations. The repeating patterns have a complexity that complicates the viewer's experience. The work reveals more intricacies and details the longer it is viewed while the bold color and composition give it a strength and presence upon immediate viewing as well. Laurie's work is very popular as both prints and on products, her patterns making beautiful contributions to fashion and design. 

Laurie is a true artist and is very dedicated to her craft. Putting her bachelor’s degree in Sculpture and Digital Art & Design to great use, Laurie also teaches art with a special emphasis on integrating different art forms, thereby allowing each individual to meet his or her specific interests and needs. After working with an art therapist, Laurie feels that "others suffering from this kind of trauma would benefit from the limitless potential of the healing arts." Laurie is such a positive influence on the world and on others living with injury and trauma. Her work reveals the personal beauty of her personality and spirit and, hopefully, bring joy to others as well. 

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