12 Days of Giving: Day 8 Andrew Weatherly

12 Days of Giving: Day 8 Andrew Weatherly

For every purchase of Andrew Weatherly's artwork and products today, we will donate an art-related toy to a child in need through Toys for Tots!

Warm, insightful, intuitive and caring; Andrew Weatherly of Bergen County, NJ has brought all of these heartfelt qualities together, expressing and sharing the innermost thoughts of a profoundly perceptive young man. His sincerity and deeply provocative realizations are expressed through a variety of artistic venues.

Capturing the world through the lens of his camera, Andrew explores life and unites his thoughts, his heart, his soul, and his artistic flare through the blending of paint colors, pen, and paper on a unique journey of self-expression.  Andrew's perseverance has allowed him to overcome many of the obstacles a person with Down Syndrome often faces, while his insight has remained one of his greatest gifts to all. 

Andrew's work has a wide range of variety in color, theme, and composition. Andrew seems to have the unique ability to expose so much of himself in so many artistic ways. His art has both a flare for the imaginative and abstract, while also being surreal and warm. While some of his pieces are cool and relaxing, others surprise and ignite the passions of viewers. I don't know of any other artist with such depth of skill and technique as Andrew. 

Andrew lives with down syndrome, but Andrew truly lives through his art. His creative expression on paper and canvas bring his personality to life and shares his joy with others. His art is beautiful to behold in person and on screen and even on the face of products like phone cases, wrapping paper, and cards. Please check out some of Andrew's work and be amazed! Art has helped Andrew immensely in life, and hopefully it can help others as well! 

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