National Press- A Confidence Boost

National Press- A Confidence Boost

ArtLifting is celebrating this week! Not just Halloween, but also all the recent attention our artists have received from major news outlets. This week TechCrunch, Forbes, Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, and featured stories about ArtLifting’s recent big changes.


In case you missed it, ArtLifting announced this week that we raised 1.1 million dollars of funding to further grow the company and reach out to empower even more amazing artists. With the new funding we also launched a new website design with increased options for products.

The new website features more designs and new ways to shop including custom framing! We also launched in a new city by welcoming four new Chicago artists Aron Washington, Susan Brandner, Judi Dahlquist, and Jackie Calabrese. The artists come from a variety of backgrounds, overcoming obstacles such as homelessness, PTSD and anxiety.

ArtLifting receiving such notice means so much to the team, but even more to the artists. ArtLifting artists gain confidence with each piece sold and each compliment they receive. Recognition on a national scale only further demonstrates to our artists that the work they create and the stories they have to tell truly matter. The strength it takes to overcome adversity and create something unique and beautiful makes them truly news worthy!

ArtLifting artist Eric Lewis Basher, who has said that making art for ArtLifting “brings order out of the chaos that’s usually in my mind,” spoke out following the recent press to further elaborate on what the experience means to him.

Eric explained, “Well I know I was helped and I am grateful. I was able to buy some new brushes, paints, and some clothes. Finally have found my calling. Art helps to keep me relatively sane. Art allows me to Create order out of chaos. Art is also the first thing that keep getting better and better at.”

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