ArtLifting and Microsoft Connect October 22, 2015 13:23

On Monday, October 11th, Microsoft celebrated the grand opening of its new community space at 680 Folsom in the heart of San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood. To adorn the space’s blank walls, Microsoft turned to ArtLifting, purchasing seven original artworks from four different ArtLifting artists, including local San Francisco artists Eric Lewis Basher and Shannon R.

So what does this partnership mean for ArtLifting and what does it mean for Microsoft?

 ArtLifting believes in celebrating strengths and empowering individuals through the sale of art. Each purchase fuels an artist’s growth and confidence, giving them renewed energy to pursue things they previously believed not possible. “ArtLifting is one of the greatest things that has ever happened in my life,” says ArtLifting artist Frank Brescia, “it gets my artwork out there for people to enjoy.”

When a customer buys a piece of art, the customer is not just investing in a piece of canvas, but investing in a fellow human being and connecting with that human’s story. ArtLifting does not just sell art. We share individuals’ stories and offer opportunities to connect. In a small way, ArtLifting’s approach to sharing art is restoring the humanity of the art market, making the process one of celebration and connection rather than of status or power.

What does it mean when Microsoft, a large technology mogul, buys into ArtLifting’s mission? Yes it further validates the talent and quality of ArtLifting artwork, but it also connects Microsoft to the stories and struggles of fellow community members. Artwork that celebrates strengths and empowers. That tells a moving story, enlivens walls, and sparks compassion and conversation. Microsoft’s walls now tell the stories and struggles inherent to the human experience; they offer an opportunity to connect and share in the lives of others.

This partnership is a major milestone for ArtLifting and our artists. But more than that, it is a milestone for humankind. It reveals the willingness of people to connect with one another. It shows that investments do not have to be just about dollar signs and zeroes, but also about human lives and the beauty of the human journey.