Suzanne Hellums

Suzanne Hellums

Anchorage, AK

Once a biochemist and molecular biologist, Suzanne (she/her/hers) now uses a scientific approach to create her paintings. Art has become a way to combine her interests, which allows her to cope with chronic pain and mobility issues from Crohn's disease and Ankylosing spondylitis. Suzanne often uses resin, acrylics, micas, and polymers; to create new consistencies coupled with traditional art materials. This process informs the line, design, and flow of her paintings. She writes:

"Every painting I make has a scientific process, technique, or inspiration to it. Art connects me to science.”

Suzanne combines her favorite elements of science and nature, as she writes: “I imagine a landscape or object, and what it would look like if it were taken down to its basic scientific components. I find the marriage of science and the beauty of nature most challenging to paint, but also makes for the most interesting pieces.”

“My autoimmune diseases can limit my painting frequency. I put my joys, love, thoughts, and experiences onto my substrates and canvases. I want the viewer to find my awe towards life, while seeing the hope I carry with me.”

Suzanne received a B.S. degree in Clinical Laboratory Science, from the University of Mississippi, and an M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, from Mississippi State University. She was a medical researcher until her health prevented her from returning to the lab. Being in New Mexico and Alaska has allowed her the mobility to resume painting; something she began as watercolorist during her childhood.

Suzanne has lived in diverse locations from California, Tennessee, Mississippi, New Mexico, Florida and Alaska. As a result of moving often, her family has remodeled seven homes. Suzanne’s current home was designed around a particular piece of granite that now makes up the kitchen counter. Her series “Granite Inspired”, featured at ArtLifting, was inspired by the earthy tones of the stone.

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