Cynthia Perdigao

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"This piece is a photograph of one of my favorite flowers. Anemones are full of strength and character and often bloom very quickly once they are handled. I had to work quickly with this flower, as it was opening in my car as I drove from the flower shop. The energy of this "scene" is what inspired me. There is tremendous strength in the stem which curves as a leading line directly to the majestic opening of the middle of the flower. I post process my photography, often, with textures. The scene here called for a texture that was playful, yet strong. This image was created shortly after my separation in my marriage; the story here is one of standing tall and opening to the beauty of individuality."

- Cynthia Perdigao

Prints are produced on demand on either mounted canvas, acrylic plexi, or giclee fine art paper in a variety of sizes here in the United States. High quality print reproductions for your home or office designed by artists living with homelessness or disabilities.

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Cynthia Young

Suprise, AZ

"As a photographer, I want to stand out. I want to create well done, well thought out images that convey an essence. I am deeply grateful that you have looked at my work."

After experiencing a stroke at age 6, Cynthia has significant weakness on her left side and limited use of her left hand, with almost no fine motor control. Though photography often requires physical labor that is especially taxing for Cynthia, she is empowered by her passion for taking photographs. Photography is a meditative practice for Cynthia that allows her to transcend the difficulties she faces.

Cynthia’s outlook on the role of an astute photographer mirrors her inspiring perspective on life: “great subjects are everywhere and will reveal themselves if you are not only seeing and looking, but also feeling and being. Feeling is an inherent reaction that we can reframe for the viewer.”

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Prints by Cynthia Young

Cynthia Perdigao
Cynthia Perdigao
Cynthia Perdigao
Cynthia Perdigao
Cynthia Perdigao
Cynthia Perdigao
Island Walkway
Cynthia Perdigao
Cynthia Perdigao
Pastel Sunrise
Cynthia Perdigao
Pink Dahlia - Essence
Cynthia Perdigao

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