Cynthia Young

Cynthia Young

Suprise, AZ, TX


"Our stories are our tapestry, the winding form and color of all our collective circumstances. We reveal our authentic self in the images we make and share."

After experiencing a stroke at the age of 6, Cynthia (she/her/hers) has significant weakness on her left side and limited use of her left hand, with almost no fine motor control. Though photography often requires physical labor that can feel taxing, she is empowered by her passion for the medium. Photography is a meditative practice for Cynthia that allows her to accept the difficulties she faces.

Cynthia’s practice is deeply focused on the experience of the viewer. She explains, “I want to create well done, well thought out images that convey an essence. If you see something I've made and a feeling resonates in you, then we have had a successful photographic conversation.” As a photographer, she focuses on setting an intention for the image that will help guide the viewer to a particular emotional result. She expresses, “There is an action that happens when someone views an image. A series of events come together. Within that series are opinions, judgements, and frames of reference that determine how that viewer will "see" that image.”

Flowers are a source of artistic inspiration for her because they are beautiful but all have their own imperfections. She believes this is reflective of people as well. Our flaws make us unique and accepting and acknowledging them turns them into a strength. She feels that our acceptance of authenticity makes us strong.

Cynthia recognizes that much of her photography is now a vehicle for her own personal evolution. She hopes that sharing this with other photographers in an effort to contribute to their evolution and opening of their creative process. 

“There is a commonality in photography that connects us to viewers. We weave and tell our stories through our images and emotion becomes the connective element that resonates.”

Boston - ArtLifting
Gladiolas - ArtLifting
Infatuation - ArtLifting
Island Walkway - ArtLifting
Lotus - ArtLifting
Opening - ArtLifting
Pastel Sunrise - ArtLifting
Pink Dahlia - Essence - ArtLifting
Sunset Marsh - ArtLifting
Tulip - ArtLifting
Umbrellas - ArtLifting