PayPal has filled their executive suite and several offices across the country with ArtLifting artwork. Read more about PayPal and ArtLifting's partnership here

We get really positive feedback after every install, especially including the informational plaques about ArtLifting’s mission and how it ties in with PayPal’s mission. People have just loved it, from employees to customers and partners. It’s lifted our space with color and story. It’s a major talking point with visitors and clients. Many employees have asked about how they can purchase the art for themselves. </p>-Aoife Cahill, Head of Global Workplace Design at PayPal

PayPal is all about bringing money to people who can’t traditionally access a bank account, and to reimagine that in a different way, through art, we had to get involved. </p>-Aoife Cahill, Head of Global Workplace Design at PayPal

The difference with ArtLifting is that it is all about social awareness, bringing the spirit of what PayPal is quintessentially trying to do into the workplace, as well as providing a beautiful piece of art for people to look at. ArtLifting has this “elevated” level that a regular piece of art can’t ever hit for us.

There’s been a sense of being given a gift of art in the workplace… that senior management values how we feel at work so much that they will spend money on art. We’ve put ArtLifting into our Scottsdale office, the executive office in San Jose, the VP’s office in Timonium… we’re putting ArtLifting as many places as we possibly can, working towards getting the art globally.