Dallas, TX

“Art gives me the direction that I've lost; a direction that always starts with a color, grows into a terrain of texture, and sometimes isn't found until the last stroke.”

After twenty years of intense structure in the corporate business world, Marc (he/him/his) experienced the abrupt onset of MS. Suddenly, the dynamic thinking and fast-paced problem solving that had consumed his day to day challenges at work began to slip away. With the need to find a structural replacement of the challenges he sought from his day to day work, Marc's doctor recommended finding new challenges in a creative outlet. Art became that creative outlet. What many would think the diagnosis of a debilitating disease would seem crushing, Marc turned a new passion into an unrealized opportunity and took to the canvas.

It wasn't long until Marc learned to listen to his need to create and his love of vibrancy, he began to use texture as a platform for color and his motivation to rise out of bed in the morning. As Marc creates, he can easily change his perspective, adding and extracting color to create a layered terrain like human character. The textures connect the colors like Marc hopes his perspective will help connect others. Marc paints with the belief that connecting with each other through sharing perspective is vital in today's age. With so many questions about the future and as his speech progressively labored, Marc relies more so on the growing layers, texture, and color of his paintings to express his personal process.

By engaging actively his artistic process, Marc is learning to test new boundaries every day and fulfill past challenges by creating art. He often works on multiple pieces at one time, giving time and attention where he feels it is needed. Often his paintings start with only a color, then evolves to adding texture, continually building direction, layers, and dimensionality until Marc knows it is time for the one last stroke. Some of his paintings have taken years to complete as they are always created with strong attention to detail and care for the final expression they will produce.

Acumen - ArtLifting
Brickyard - ArtLifting
Brickyard - ArtLifting
Burgeon - ArtLifting
Buttered Malachite - ArtLifting
Calm Before the Storm 1 - ArtLifting
Calm Before the Storm 2 - ArtLifting
Cascade - ArtLifting
Cascade - ArtLifting
Confetti - ArtLifting
Conquer - ArtLifting
Courage - ArtLifting
Cultivate - ArtLifting
Deuces - ArtLifting
Diversity (polyptych) - ArtLifting
Diversity 1 - ArtLifting
Diversity 2 - ArtLifting
Diversity 3 - ArtLifting
Diversity 4 - ArtLifting
Diversity 5 - ArtLifting
Dog Days of Summer - ArtLifting
Duet - ArtLifting
Earn - ArtLifting
Eclipse - ArtLifting
Embers Ablaze - ArtLifting
Epiphany - ArtLifting
Floating Lava - ArtLifting
Fortitude - ArtLifting
Froth - ArtLifting
Froth - ArtLifting
Gold Rush - ArtLifting
Golden Bullseye - ArtLifting
Golden Bullseye - ArtLifting
Golden Flock - ArtLifting
Golden Sapphire Pendant - ArtLifting
Golden Sapphire Pendant - ArtLifting
Grateful - ArtLifting
Gratitude - ArtLifting
Grid - ArtLifting
Grid - ArtLifting
I Can - ArtLifting
Innovate - ArtLifting
Innovation - ArtLifting
Instinct - ArtLifting
Intense Structure (diptych) - ArtLifting
Intense Structure 1 - ArtLifting
Intense Structure 2 - ArtLifting
Intersection I - ArtLifting
Intersection II - ArtLifting
Intuitive - ArtLifting
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