William Douglas (he/him/his)



"I love getting lost in my art away from all the world, losing track of time, and working hard on my own creations."

William Douglas (also known as Bill) is a prolific artist and has been creating art since the time he was first able to hold a pencil. He reports that art is the only thing that he really, fully enjoys doing. He says, “Art, has ALWAYS been there for me, no matter how awful things were it has always been the most important thing in my life and still is.”  

William is dedicated to a daily art practice and works daily at his home studio and participates in individual and group art therapy sessions at Thresholds, a community health agency that helps to support people with mental illness.  He also participates in Project Onward which is a non-profit art studio and gallery for artists with disabilities in Chicago.  William describes he has probably created over 10,000+ works of art over the years.  

He shares that “mental illness and depression is something I've had to deal with my whole life and it has gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. But if it wasn't for Thresholds, my art therapist, and Project Onward I know I wouldn't be around today. It is still a struggle to get up and get going but through support and making my art, I have a renewed hope in the future and a caring group of individuals that believe in me.”

William enjoys working in a variety of art mediums but painting is his favorite.  He often creates art about his dreams and uses different symbols and ideas to inspire his artwork.  One of his goals as an artist is to have a piece in an art museum one day.  William feels that selling his artwork contributes to a sense that “all this art that I am doing is worth it, that I’m not just fooling myself but contributing to a long history and tradition of art making.”

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Prints by William Douglas (he/him/his)

Bubbly Creek 3
William Douglas
Leaving the Nest
William Douglas
Mother Nature
William Douglas
William Douglas
The Seasons
William Douglas
Tree of Life
William Douglas

Originals by William Douglas (he/him/his)

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