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ArtLifting is a social enterprise that sells and licenses museum quality artwork created by artists impacted by homelessness or disability. Our digital platform provides an opportunity for artists to share their talents and earn a recurring income.

Social impact is just as important to us as profit. That is why we are a double bottom line business. 55% of the profits go back to our artists, and 1% goes back to our community partners.


Each Piece comes with a Story


Each Piece comes with a Story


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Chestnut Hill Reservoir
Romani Berlekov
The Sea's Spring
Jackie Calabrese
Moran Lake Beach
Ken Muramoto
Segora Palms
Kevin Hosseini
Michael Rogan
Trail Ridge 4
Mike Hedrick
Community Garden 9
Mike Hedrick
Sandstone Ranch 7
Mike Hedrick
Boulder Creek 4
Mike Hedrick
Celebration of Green
Lori-Anne Fay
Water Droplets
Glenn Goldstein
Leaves of Grass
Glenn Goldstein
Mapping One
Eric Santamaria
Mapping Two
Eric Santamaria
Mapping Four
Eric Santamaria
Untitled 24
Scott Benner
Untitled 21
Scott Benner
For Keith B
Scott Benner
Manhattan, NY 1840
Allen Chamberland


Jackson Heights
Susan Spangenberg
New York Cars
Linda King


Marty and Riley
Charles Blackwell
Woodland Light
Romani Berlekov
Pastel City
Robyn Kennedy
Treasure Trove
Andrew Weatherly
Naomi Rosen
Crystal Blue Persuasion
Tim Henning
Breaker Spray
Peter Perrino
Horizontal Blues
Peter Perrino
Coffee Break
Bonnie Salser
Sunrise Meditation
Dale Wayne