Joshua Nobles (he/him/his)

Tampa, FL

"I make art because I love seeing where it takes me as I grow in life, I see art as an extension of the mind and to watch it develop over time is fun."

Joshua dedicates his time to helping others and being creative. He is both currently an employee and volunteer at Volunteers of America, or VOA.  VOA is a national provider of various programs for people who face hardships.  Josh is currently a resident manager at one of their independent living facilities and also volunteers his time to help the organization maintain their properties. Volunteers of America is one of the United States’ largest nonprofit providers of affordable housing for families, the elderly, and individuals living with disabilities.

Josh shares, “Without a doubt creativity has been an enormous aid in overcoming problems, it created a world around me that helped me discover who I am and I found out, I am not as troubled as I once thought.” Through his life experiences, he learned to appreciate the simpler things in life, like light peeking through a tree and creating shadows on the ground. “I realized, quite a while ago, that life is not that complicated: find the things which make you happy and comfortable,” he explains. 

Josh is influenced by art, music, life, love of nature, beauty, and much more. He believes that being creative is what makes our world engaging. He says, “I love the depth that art can provoke in your mind, the way the colors and forms saturate your sense of sight and your perception of reality.” The rich depth of colors has made him gravitate towards acrylic and oil paints, which gives him the appropriate palette to create alluring abstract representations of real subject matter. 

Overflowing with creative energy, he spends a lot of his free time engaged with various activities in the arts, such as playing and listening to music, writing poetry, and making visual arts. He also cares for his dog, Pearl, who he credits as his saving grace during hard times. He shares, “She is the most beautiful part of my life and will forever be.” Josh's dreams for his future include having a small place of his own and refining his artistic career.

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Prints by Joshua Nobles (he/him/his)

Joshua Nobles
Color Field
Joshua Nobles
Drip in Reverse
Joshua Nobles
Pen Rose 2
Joshua Nobles
Joshua Nobles
Tearing Space
Joshua Nobles
Under the Moonlight
Joshua Nobles

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