12 Days of Giving: Day 11 Kimberly Williams December 11, 2015 11:09

Happy 11th Day of Giving from ArtLifting! The team is so excited for all the holiday orders and all the toys we will be donating to Toys for Tots! As a reminder all of Kimberly Williams' products and art bought today are equivalent to one toy for a child in need! Kim has an inspiring story of strength and a multitude of work that tells it!

Kimberly Williams discovered her lifelong passion for creating art when she was three years old. A native of Ft. Washington, Maryland, Kim started battling mental health concerns and addiction early in her life, causing her to be in and out of homelessness. Kim paints to harness focus and maintain a positive outlook on life. Kim shares, "Art is what I do, opposed to taking a drink. Art is what I do, opposed to getting high. The process of starting with a blank canvas and watching it evolve brings me joy. Art makes me feel like I have purpose and that I am not worthless in this world."

Kim wants to sell her work to provide a better life for herself and her son. "It creates a sense of pride that someone would want my paintings." Kim's future goal is to give back to the community by teaching art to children. "I want to create art that the world has never seen before." The money Kim makes through painting and her work with ArtLifting in the past have helped her with things such as Christmas presents for her son. Kim's art is working miracles in her own life and their vibrancy and color may be able to bring happiness to others as well. 

Taking a close look at Kim's work, one is struck by the color, life, and energy of her work. Each stroke is agitated and excited, the colors pop, and the shapes jump off the page. A mix of abstract and illustrative, her work reveals a sharpness of mind and spirit. Her work calls out to viewers to wake them up and excite them. The passion Kim has for life and the rejuvenation that art brings to her recovery is shared with the viewer. I personally can't help but feel more alive when I experience Kim's work. 

Kim's artwork is a celebration. Here at ArtLifting we believe in always celebrating personal strength and positivity. Kim and her story so greatly represents this mentality and we sincerely hope others will find happiness in Kim's work as well. Happy Holidays everyone!