Winter's Bloom

Michaels Lyric

$ 225.00

"It's winter. It's snow. But, why are the trees blooming? What planet is this? This piece has a rich situation of color. Combination of blue and purple tones boldly stand out on white background, to emphasize the importance of individuality. The title of this piece suggests an abstract concept, and it takes courage to visualize and to implement an abstract idea or a solution."

- Michael Lyric


Prints are produced on demand on either mounted wrapped canvas or giclee fine art paper in a variety of sizes here in the United States. High-quality print reproductions for your home or office designed by artists living with homelessness or disabilities. 

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Michaels Lyric

Sacramento, CA

Creating art is a wondrous journey. I never know where it will take me, but I get to share the end-result with anyone that feels my vibe.

Michaels Lyric lives a life of creative innovation. His creative discipline has guided him to become a successful author and artists. 
Michaels Lyric has accomplished these feats of creative expression with only the use of his voice. Michaels Lyric has a severe form of Cerebral Palsy quadriplegic, meaning he does not have the use of his arms or legs. He has not allowed his disability to stop him from achieving his dreams. Michaels Lyric is recognized as the first author to write and publish a book only using voice recognition software since 1998. In addition to using voice recognition software to write his book, Michaels Lyric uses the same software to create his artwork, write poetry, create and produce original electronic music. 

Michaels Lyric describes his visual art process as a Photographic Sculptor. He begins by collecting unwanted images taken by friends and family. Michaels Lyric feels a connection to the undervalued, “Many times I have been labeled as ‘damaged goods’, feeling ignored and unwanted.” He elaborates, “I take the ignored photos, the unwanted photos, and I turn them into beautiful paintings, paintings so bright, so warm with love that they can be ignored no longer.” Once an image has been selected, Michaels Lyric begins to sculpt it into what he sees and feels in it. This process takes weeks, each slight adjustment requires a complex string of voice commands.

Born in Moscow, Michaels Lyric's first creative expression was through writing short stories and poetry. Only recently has Michaels began to create visual art but he looks forward to the challenge found in a new form of expression. “Change provides choices, opportunities.” Michaels Lyric reflects, “Change is neutral, and so it is up to me to give it a positive or a negative meaning.” 

“I think that ArtLifting is the best example for all other organizations. When helping someone, the number one goal is to use their skills and talents, so they can help themselves.” He continues, “ That is exactly what ArtLifting does. It is important for me to be part of ArtLifting because I believe that my skills and talents are good enough to be a fully contributing member of this society, and that my current situation is just a case of major miscommunication.”

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