Wheels in Motion

"Eric utilized an adaptive tool that is connected to his wheelchair. This tool contains four Sharpies. He often likes to use black Sharpie. Eric's working surface is on the floor and he positions his wheelchair on top of his working surface. He listens to Kost 103.5 and rocks away at the soothing sound of songs playing on the radio. Through this motion of rocking, Eric creates marks onto his working surface. All the tire marks are captured onto his working surface due to the movements Eric makes. "

- Aragna Ker, Manager at Momentum Creative

Prints are produced on demand on stretched canvas, acrylic plexi, or giclee fine art paper in a variety of sizes here in the United States.

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Prayers Riding the Thermals - ArtLifting
Artwork: Prayers Riding the Thermals by Cheryl Kinderknecht, Temple by Jeff Diener