Tuesday Promenade

"This piece came to be after I finished a commission of a marina, which left me enamored with painting lights on the water. This led to me photographing South Lake Union at night and I was struck by this tree by the water and the ducks walking next to the passersby. I took a bunch of pictures of the area and created this scene.

Sketching in the scene, I wet my canvas and let the paint street the canvas. I then rendered between the drips leaving some of the canvas barely tinted at the edges of the canvas. I then slowly darkened and lightened different areas of the canvas, applying multiple isolation coats over the canvas, so that I could control how colors were mixing. My main aim was to create a tree by never painting the tree. Instead suggesting it just enough for the brain to intuit it. While painting the skyline through the "branches" so that the lights seem to shine through and suggest perspective as you look at the canvas from different angles.

Like wise, the people, cars, light poles, etc. are not fully rendered but symbolic, much the way your brain "sees" when you are walking at night. To keep the piece lighter there is no black used, just shades of purple, blue and slate. Hidden in the skyline is small type from my medical records decoupaged into a skyscraper. Symbolic of life with an invisible disability, just discernible if you know where to look."

- Ian Shearer

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