The Tree is in Full Bloom

Chris Viau

$ 300.00

Prints are produced on demand on either mounted canvas, acrylic plexi, or giclee fine art paper in a variety of sizes here in the United States. High quality print reproductions for your home or office designed by artists living with homelessness or disabilities.

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Chris Viau


“My favorite thing about being an artist is that I can create art pieces that look good, and I can show other people my creative talent.” 

Chicago artist Christopher Viau is committed to following the path revealed to him by his creativity. A technically accomplished artist, Christopher isn’t married to one style or media. Instead, he allows the inspiration and concept of the piece to guide him to the correct materials that will communicate his message. Christopher is also an accomplished poet, having published two books of original poems titled, Chicago’s Seasons and Being in Harmony with Nature.

Christopher has developed an understanding of how to combine different materials to highlight certain aspects of his artwork. He explains, “I use my chalk pastel for pieces to have the detail standout. I can layer chalk pastel; I work on a layer, then spray my art piece. I use oil pastel for detail on my watercolor pieces.” Christopher infuses his imagination into his artwork to create pieces that are interesting to him and the viewer.

Christopher is a full-time artist at The Arts of Life, where he also serves as their studio archivist. He hopes to develop stronger connections to the Evanston art community as well as the community of artists with disabilities. Creativity is a part of Christopher and always will be.

“In the future, I see myself still doing art.”


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