The Pueblo 1

"The Pueblo was a very challenging and progressive piece for me. It actually was 2 separate paintings that were totally different except for the colors. Because of the similar colors I decided that I would put them together as a diptych(2 canvas). I did not know where it was going to go so to make it similar I applied the tape process which is taking long thin strips of painter's tape and applying it randomly over the two canvas crisscrossing and from top to bottom. I was still unsure where it was going so I applied the acrylic ink over the whole painting including over the tape. The ink started to have an architectural feel so I decided to go w/it. Finally removing the tape created another layer peeking from the original paintings that I painted over. The last 2 years has been an influence on my work and I feel this has taken my art to another place. I have been working w/a limited palette of colors which can be difficult and restrictive. The Pueblo is my release from restrictions and moving forward."

- Connie Avery

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