The Passage

"This artwork was really fun to make and a truly healing work. I created it on the floor of my bedroom studio, building layers and sanding them down, over and over an over. It almost reminds me of tie dye in some areas. The effect is colorful and stunning. At the time, I was using black to create negative space to highlight the vivid details. After I completed it and stepped back, my jaw dropped. The visuals I see in this painting very clearly tell a story of words from above being given to a little girl. At times I see the "above" as a parental figure and other times I see "the above" as a Higher Power. Making this artwork allowed me to heal shameful ideas I had as a little girl that were actually pure and sweet. When positioned horizontally, I am reminded of a river. A river of suffering that flows between two lands of joy. The river may separate them but it doesn't diminish them. This painting is one of healing and beauty and I hope who ever owns it can feel that each time they see it!The title references a passage of words, of water, of time and a passage of positive change within."

- Allie Olson

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