Street of NY: Golden Graffiti

"Streets of NY have life of their own. They can be dark, light, poor, rich, happy, sad, celebratory or depressing, safe or dangerous on next corner. Shiny stores next to falling apart buildings. It is a fiesta for the senses to walk the streets of NYC. I love walking and observing, makes me feel part of that sea of people from allover the world. Golden graffiti is expressing the mixture of these qualities. Graffiti is usually on abandoned buildings and definitely not golden! It represents that coexistence of amazing skyscarpers with shiny foyers and homeless people sleeping in the dark right next to it."

- Aneliya Kostova

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Prayers Riding the Thermals - ArtLifting
Artwork: Prayers Riding the Thermals by Cheryl Kinderknecht, Temple by Jeff Diener