Pulling Focus

"The title 'Pulling Focus' is about redirecting the lens in which I view my reality. I created this piece on clayboard because I enjoy working on an ultra-smooth surface that allows me to use redactive methods in my painting. Clayboard is a type of hardboard with a thin, compact layer of clay covering the surface. It is a sturdy panel that allows artists to combine translucent and opaque painting techniques with etching. I use woodblock carving tools to carve into the clayboard to create sharp, definitive lines for rope. I utilize a variety of media and mark-making materials such as palette knives, oil pastels, brushes, graphite and piping bags to explore texture and color. I intentionally paint and arrange colors on the surface that accentuate and vibrate off of each other. This is a playful process using experimentation with thick applications of the paint to shape and sculpt dimensionality on the surface."

- Madison Elyse Rubenstein

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