Northern Lights

"Northern Lights was a work in progress that took several levels to create. I called it Northern Lights because of the magnitude and the colors which reminded me of all the photos of the northern lights which radiate beauty constantly. The process began w/a painting that I was not satisfied with. I had an abstract that was ok but not finished. I then did my second process which was the dripping of ink and as I was trying to work w/that it needed something else. So I applied layers of ripped tape over the whole painting which was on several canvas. 5 canvas which I painted as 1 canvas. It was really not working for me even then so I decided to just get aggressive and just apply the colors that I had on my palette. Another aspect of this painting is the minimal range of colors. That is a process which can be difficult and challenging. By being random and aggressive w/the paint, I began to feel the release of all the frustrations of these last 2 paintings I was working on. Finally, Northern Lights became a work that I feel continues to show many different images and moods."

- Connie Avery

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