Neural Pathways

"This became part of a series of works that can alter your thought patterns and create new neural pathways. In these works, and in many of my pieces there is an interrupted pattern. For example, if you spent time with this painting in your environment, you would start to see larger geometrical forms like triangles, pyramid shapes, rectangles, squares, argyle patterns, hexagons.

First, you may start to see the pyramid shape, then you will then suddenly see a larger rectangle. Then your eye will go to the Maltese Cross. Its the pattern created with colors line & shape that move your mind around, creating new ways of inputting information, thus creating new neural networks. Symmetry creates rest, that is not this. The symmetry allows your mind to rest but the almost-symmetry obliges you to alter your paths just enough so that it still feels comfortable but unexpected. I like the colors and background softness I don't know what the object is in the painting, but one day I may."

Eve Hennessa

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