Marking Time

"Continuing an ongoing investigation of representing the body in abstract space, “Marking Time“ is part of a new series of budding works. The title references how I’ve coped with being isolated throughout much of the pandemic by making a lot of art. I feel like my paintings have kept me company in my studio as I’ve navigated a whole new reality. In this work I explore the use of vibrant colors and contrasting texture from graphite and oil pastel against a flat layer of color. I draw rope-like lines in my work to create varying type of tension and stress that interact with the other elements in the image. I love using a variety of materials and marks in this series. I am excited about working in this size not only because it’s a challenge but also because I love the feeling you get when you stand in front of a painting and it feels so large that it’s going to swallow you up. The space in this piece is crowded and chaotic but also has a sense of organization, which mirrors what life feels like for me day to day. I am constantly trying to find structure and routine while managing unpredictable symptoms that affect my energy, pain levels and ability to think clearly. Finding a way to paint this experience brings me some peace."

- Madison Elyse Rubenstein

Prints are produced on demand on stretched canvas, acrylic plexi, or giclee fine art paper in a variety of sizes here in the United States.

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