Light House

Christine Nelson

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Christine Nelson (she/her/hers)

New York City

“To have my art hanging in someone's home is an overwhelming feeling.”

Art is in the blood of Manhattan native Christine Nelson. The daughter of a craftsman and herself an avid lover of the arts, Christine began making art at a young age. Until experiencing a stroke that severely limited her ability to speak Christine worked as a professional graphic designer. The experience didn't squander her creativity, it just changed her way of expression. 

Through the creation of art, Christine discovered a way to communicate her thoughts and feelings without words. After years of hard work, Christine has fully regained the ability to speak and has significantly increased her vocabulary, which she considers one of her greatest achievements. Due to persistent seizures, Christine is unable to maintain full-time employment and produces art to support herself.

For Christine, creating art is a very freeing experience. Christine’s works are inspired by the work of famed artists Andy Warhol and Paul Klee, whose examples helped Christine see the unusual beauty in abstract colors and objects. Christine defines her personal style as “an abstract viewpoint with a twist.”

Christine uses one bare hand to create her striking paintings. She writes, “Since the stroke, my hand has become my wide brush, my chalk, and my guidance to my art.” Creating art with her hand has enabled Christine to embrace the challenges her disability has presented. Recently, Christine has been working diligently to re-learn reading and writing. 

Christine strives to be respected as an artist, regardless of her disability. Christine endeavors to create art so powerful that it speaks for itself, without the need for verbal context. Christine eagerly accepts this challenge and views her disability as motivation to continue growing and learning. She believes that with a positive outlook and strong work ethic, “all things are possible.”

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